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Dóra Wonder
Has been with Halldóra since she was 12, she is the rebel teenager that wrote her name on walls in public toilets and bus-stops – dropped playing the flute, bought a Saxophone and formed a band with her friends.  Dóra wonder was in the pop-rock-ethnic-punk group Risaeðlan-(Reptile), which toured Europe and East-Coast USA not really knowing if they wanted to take it seriously.  Dóra Wonder is full of energy, has kicked asses and screamed many Fuck-Yous –  her secret weapon was never officially to tell the truth.


Was born in Theater school, a truth-angel in disguise of a clown, a genius in improvising, always in direct contact with audience.  Everything she does has its root in beauty and deep truth... where you find the greatest darkness.  Barbara has for many years guided children and families through the magic of classical music played by the Icelandic Symphony orchestra.  Barbara has taken on very different roles - such as Dantes Virgil, Beethoven's frustration when loosing his hearing and many different approaches of the breading and birth of the Jesus-child.

Came out of need to perform sloppy truth about the weaker gender, Males.  Smári is an underdog in the very sad rock band Úlfarnir (the Wolfs). He sings and plays both bass-guitar and Saxophone, writes poetry and is very insecure when it comes to women.  He feels he is nothing without his best friend Hannes (played by actress Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir),  it is an abusive and toxic relationship.  Smári dreams of fame but lacks the mindset to make changes – if he will ever change, the first thing to do would be to move out from his teenage room at his mothers.

Hannes og Smári

Hannes og Smári

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